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Pro Net Control Zone
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  1. We will provide to you the Service as described in the appropriate Service Description and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.
  2. Pro-Net may vary the Service Description at any time but shall use all reasonable endeavours to notify you in writing before effecting any such variation, failing which it shall notify you as soon as practicable thereafter. If it can be demonstrated that such variation will materially affect or affects the Service delivered then you may terminate this agreement without penalty upon giving one month's notice in writing. Such termination shall be your sole remedy.
  3. We will provide to you such installation and maintenance services for the Service (including, where applicable, the Pro-Net Equipment) as are described in the relevant Service Description.
  4. Where it is necessary for us to install and/or maintain the Service at your premises, you will provide us with such access as is reasonably required and any technical/personnel assistance reasonably necessary for the installation and maintenance of the Service including, for example and without limitation, electricity supply and suitable accommodation and environmental conditions for the housing of the Pro-Net Equipment. We will notify you in advance where we require you to make such access available.
  5. All installation and maintenance services will be carried out by our personnel or appointed agents who shall liase with your nominated representative. 
  6. If you are subscribed to any managed services (as described in the relevant Service Description), you will at all times provide our personnel or appointed agents, such access as we reasonably require to the Service either at your premises or via the Pro-Net Network, in order to enable us to carry out management of the Service. In the case of non-managed service(s) we will use reasonable endeavours to notify you in advance where we require you to make such access available.
  7. You are responsible for any Pro-Net Equipment while it is located at your premises and you will only use the Pro-Net Equipment and any associated software in accordance with any instructions and/or software licence we provide to you from time to time. You may not add to, modify, tamper or in any way interfere with the Pro-Net Equipment and we will not be liable for any repairs of the Pro-Net Equipment other than those arising as a result of normal and proper use of it.
  8. You will insure any Pro-Net Equipment located on your premises against loss or damage from all risks for an amount equal to the full replacement value of the Pro-Net Equipment.
  9. The Pro-Net Equipment, together with any Pro-Net supplied Internet Protocol address(s), shall be and remain our property at all times.
  10. You will be liable to us for any loss or damage to the Pro-Net Equipment except in so far as any such loss or damage is attributable to the negligent or wilful act or omission of us, our agents or subcontractors.


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