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Domain Services

  1. The Customer/End User confirms and warrants that it is the owner of, or that has been and is duly authorised by the owner to use, any trade mark or name requested or allocated to its Name.
  2. The Customer/End User acknowledges that Pro-Net cannot guarantee that any Name the customer requests will be available or approved for use.
  3. Pro-Net has the right to require the Customer/End User to select a replacement Name and may suspend the Service if, in the opinion of Pro-Net, there are reasonable grounds for Pro-Net to believe Customer/End User choice of Name is or is likely to be in breach of the provisions of this agreement and law.
  4. If the Service includes the registration of an Internet Domain Name the customer/End User acknowledges and agrees that:
  5. Pro-Net does not represent, warrant or guarantee that any Domain Name applied for by the customer/End User or on its behalf will be registered in its requested name or is capable of being registered by it or that the use of such Domain Name by it will not infringe any third party rights. Accordingly, the Customer/End User should take no action in respect of its requested Domain Name(s) until it has been duly registered and Pro-Net will not be liable for any such action taken by the Customer/End User.
  6. The registration of the Domain Name and its ongoing use by the Customer/End User is subject to the relevant naming authority's terms and conditions of use and the Customer/End User undertakes to Pro-Net that it will comply with such terms and conditions. The Customer/End User hereby irrevocably waives any claims it may have against Pro-Net in respect of any decision of a naming authority to refuse to register a Domain Name and without limitation, the Customer/End User acknowledges and agrees that any administration or other charge paid by the Customer/End User in respect of the registration of the Domain Name is non-refundable in any event.
  7. Pro-Net accepts no responsibility in respect of the use of a Domain Name by the Customer/End User and any dispute between the Customer/End User and any other individual or organisation regarding a Domain Name must be resolved between the parties concerned and Pro-Net will take no part in any such dispute. Pro-Net reserves the right, on becoming aware of such a dispute concerning a Domain Name, at its sole discretion and without giving any reason, to either suspend or cancel the relevant service associated with the Domain Name and/or to make such representations to the relevant naming authority as it deems appropriate.
  8. Any Internet Protocol address allocated by Pro-Net to the customer/End User shall at all times remain the sole property of Pro-Net and the Customer/End User will have a non-transferable licence to use such an address for the duration of this agreement. If this agreement is terminated for whatever reason, the Customer/End User's licence to use the Internet Protocol address shall automatically terminate and thereafter it will not use such an address.
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