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Snoopers charter - Pro-Net to launch big data answer for ISP's and VAR's

10th March 2016


Following the very real threat that all Communication Service Providers (Voice and Data) regardless of size will have to keep 'Internet Connection Records' for all their customers for 12 months as part of the investgatory powers bill. Pro-Net has begun looking at providing a Big Data solution based on the proven Controlzone code base implemented for a large financial services customer and the indexing technology implemented for a media information company for rapid retrieval of information, images and sound/media clips for the full global catalogue of CD's, DVD's and games.

Pro-Net is aware that many of its ISP and VAR customers will be directly impacted by this change and so with the heavy lifting of many years of previous development and millions of lines of existing code already complete will take this challenge on.

If you are an ISP or VAR (small or large), and want to be keep informed or want to have some active input into thsi project please contact Kenny Roberts with your details.

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