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Leased Line

Speed of communication between customers, suppliers and multiple sites has never been more important. With the internet 'one size' does not fit all, every internet solution needs to fit your requirements and we can tailor each leased line to meet these.

Over the following page is an outline of our leased line solutions, over and above this we work with clients in order to understand their specific needs and aim to install the right solution first time every time. We can provide high-speed leased line access across the UK.

Leased Line Quote

For a competitive no obligation quote please enter your details and requirements in the form below. In addition to standard leased lines we can also provide you with an MPLS or IP VPN solution for safe and easy communication between your main sites and smaller satellite sites that may be connected over ADSL.

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Clients have a low entry cost for fixed rate internet access circuits through our interconnect leased line circuits, ranging in access rates from 2mb through to 10Gbps. Leased line connectivity is delivered uncontended at an access rate determined by the capacity of the line. Static IP addresses are provided as required. As with all our leased line circuits, connections are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Interconnect leased lines are high speeds internet access circuits, companies interested in private point to point lines between sites should also see our corporate IP VPN/MPLS products.

Interconnect leased lines come with a 99.95 Service Level Guarantee (SLG) and can be presented as ethernet, X.21 or G.703.

Bandwidth on Demand

A bandwidth on demand leased line is a fixed cost uncontended access method with speeds available from 2Mbps to over 1Gbps. Designed to give companies a flexible way to provision internet access and future proof infrastructure investment.

A leased line is installed that has capacity to handle either predicted internet usage in the mid-long term or with the capacity to handle traffic at peak times where it bursts above normal levels, useful for companies whose internet usage fluctuates such as those broadcasting streaming media services.

Internet transit (bandwidth) can be supplied to the leased line connection in 1Mb increments on a month-to-month basis; upgrades/downgrades are carried out within 24 hours, this avoids the need to install a new leased line as bandwidth grows or having to pay from the outset for bandwidth that isn't used.

Bandwidth on demand leased lines come with guaranteed levels of service and connection uptime (99.85%). Pro-Net connections are available both with or without router hardware and can be supplied to any location on the UK mainland.

Lead Times

  • Interconnect: 35 working days.
  • Bandwidth on demand: 35 working days.

Note: All leased line services are subject to site survey.

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