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Bonded ADSL

Bonded ADSL is perfect for businesses looking for a cheap way to increase their connection speed/bandwidth and connection reliability, while at the same time ensuring bandwidth can be easily scaled up for future requirements. Bonding your lines together increases both upload and download speeds, by bonding 3 ADSL lines that each have 1 Mbps upload, and 10 Mbps download, your bonded internet connection will have a speed of 3 Mbps upload, and 30 Mbps download.

Pro-Net's Bonded ADSL is provider neutral, allowing you to plug in connections from different ISPs for maximum resiliency. If one ISP goes down, your internet connection will carry on working.

Our bonding routers are modular and in addition to bonding ADSL, we also have bonding modules available for Leased Lines, ISDN, and UMTS/3G/EDGE/HSPA, which can be used in any combination.

As internet traffic used by your business grows and you find you need more bandwidth, scaling up is simple. Just order an additional module to slot into your bonding router, and plug a new line into it for an instant bandwidth increase without disruption to your users.

With Pro-Net's Bonded ADSL you can bond up to six connections and achieve speeds up to 200 Mbps.


Bonded ADSL Benefits

  • High bandwidth - True bonding of all available bandwidth, up to 200 Mbps.
  • Resilient - No loss of connectivty or network disruption as long as at least one line is up.
  • Cost effective - Use low cost ADSL connections and achieve speeds equal to or greater than expensive leased lines.
  • Scalable - Add or remove internet connections in line with your requirements, bond up to 6 connections.
  • Bond any type of connection - ADSL/ADSL2+, Fast Ethernet/Leased Line, ISDN, UMTS/3G/EDGE/HSPA.
  • Modular configuration - Flexible network customisation during operation.

Bonded ADSL Diagram

This diagram demonstrates how our bonded ADSL hardware and service works, using an example configuration where three connections are bonded - 2 x ADSL2+, 1 x 3G SIM Card. Lines are plugged directly into the bonded router, replacing your existing ADSL routers, and machines on your network use the LAN interface on the bonding router as their network gateway.

Bonded ADSL Diagram

Bonded ADSL Router

Pronet is a partner of Viprinet, who supply our bonded ADSL router and hub hardware/software. Viprinet bonded ADSL routers outperform all other bonded ADSL solutions available in the UK market, such as those bonding using MLPPP or load balancing. The Viprinet custom TCP/IP stack perfectly bonds any link connected to it, even those with large differences in bandwidth and/or latency.

The ability to bond connections from any ISP, in any combination, means 99.99% - 100% uptime is now something everybody can enjoy, no matter what their budget.

Visit Viprinet to learn more about our bonding routers.

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